Tarot Readings

Elements Reading

My personal favorite! This is a great option for a more well-rounded reading. It touches on several different areas of your life: your core self (Spirit), mindset (Air), work and finances (Earth), relationships and emotions (Water), and actions and manifestations (Fire).


Personal Development Reading

Insight into your path - how you got here, what might be important for you to consider now, and where you may consider going next. Themes could include career, education, finances, spiritual growth, and personal/self-development.


Love and Relationships Reading

Insight into the relationships in your life, and what your next steps might be

*Note: this is focused on growth and self-reflection, so I likely will not predict things like "you're going to meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger next Thursday night" - but hey, if the cards bring it up, I definitely will!


Past-Present-Future Reading

Explore your past, your present, and your future, focusing on a theme or topic of your choosing. I'll supplement the tarot cards with an oracle card to offer an overarching theme or guidance as well.


Year Ahead Reading

This reading is great for a birthday, anniversary, or new year. Insights for each of the 12 months ahead of you.


Oracle Readings

Nature is Calling Reading

I'll pull a couple cards to provide encouragement and ideas on how to ground yourself in nature and connect with whatever is trying to get your attention in the universe right now. I'll also use my animal guides deck to see which animal is your guide or totem at this time. 3-card reading.


Angels and Witches Reading

A fun reading combining my angel deck and my witches' wisdom deck! I'll pull two cards to see which angels are active in your life right now, and one to see which magical tradition or practice might be calling out to you. (You don't need to be a witch to enjoy the witches' wisdom deck, I interpret them from more of a spiritual practice perspective unless requested otherwise).  3-card reading.


Lightworker Reading

Feeling called or curious about doing some lightwork yourself? I'll pull a card from my lightworker deck to see where the universe might be talking to you, and two additional cards (decks vary) to guide you on your journey. 3-card reading.