How do tarot and oracle card readings work?

We'll determine the focus or theme of your reading, such as a question we want to focus on or an intention we want to explore. Then I'll set a time on my schedule to do your reading. Even though we won't be in the same room during the reading, I always set a date and time for it, to ensure that you have a dedicated time on my schedule. 

While I'm doing the reading, I will take a photo of the cards and write out all my notes. You will receive a PDF with the photo(s), a detailed interpretation and explanation of the reading, and a couple journaling and/or meditation prompts for your further exploration. New PDFs are created and personalized for each and every reading - I never re-use or recycle previous readings. Your reading will be unique and made just for you. You can see a sample reading PDF h​ere.

Are card readings done live/online?

We'll communicate together online via email, but the reading is not "live" - meaning, it won't be over a video streaming service like Zoom. I'll do the reading and put together your PDF privately, and then send it all to your email address. I feel that I'm able to give you a better, more accurate reading this way, since it allows me to take whatever time is needed with the cards and focus all my energy there. 

What's the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Tarot cards are a structured deck of usually 78 cards. While the artwork and themes of tarot decks can be extremely varied, the meanings of the cards remain consistent (there are variations, but I personally tend to stick closer to tradition.) Oracle cards aren't as structured. Decks can have any number of cards and can be focused on any theme. I love using both types of cards for different reasons. Tarot is great for more detailed interpretations and insights, and the oracle decks that I use are great for specific topics such as angel influence or animal guides, overarching themes or ideas in your life right now, and inspiration or encouragement.

How do you collect payments?

I use PayPal. Once we know what type of reading we'll be doing together, I'll send you an invoice via email. (I feel that it's important for us to connect before we book a reading together.)  

Do you have a business license?

Yup! I have a business license with the state of Washington and am registered as an LLC.